DIY – Coming Soon

I have a lot of projects in planning phase right now that I’m excited to share. A few have been severely pushed back due to construction where I live.

Stay tuned!


Pita Chips

I had a pack of pita bread left over from when we had guests. I wanted to use them before they went bad but the thought of another pita sandwich made my head spin. Making chips from the bread was a great way to get a few extra days out of them (just kidding, we ate them all within 15 minutes).

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Allie’s Wonder Beets (Beet Salad)

Beets weren’t always my favourite and I’m pretty sure it was because I was only ever served boring, over-roasted beets (it wasn’t until later that I appreciated my mom’s amazing borscht). This recipe is a great beet salad that combines the earthy taste of beets with the freshness of dill in a garlicky, creamy dressing. Pain Greek or Icelandic style yogurt gives you great protein, probiotics, and a creamy texture without a ton of fat.

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