50 days of watercolours: The never-ending project

Today marks Day 50 of #the100DayProject. It feels really good to hit the halfway point. This project truly is a marathon but I’m so glad I decided to do it. Here’s why…

1. Creative mojo kickstart.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of different ideas for projects I’d like to start. Nothing ever felt like a fully-realized endeavour until #the100DayProject came around. Forcing myself to do a watercolour painting every single day has taught me a lot about creativity and inspiration. Most notably,¬†you cannot wait to be inspired to act. This is a huge lesson. Though inspiration can take you to amazing places, if you let yourself just wait around for it that inspiration will never happen. Or it will happen but you’ll write it off because you’re so used to not acting.

Forcing yourself to do something every day is habit building. When you build habits, you build muscle memory. Once something becomes a habit, you can almost do it on auto-pilot which allows your brain to wander. This is where creativity and inspiration happens.

So if you want to be better at painting, paint every day. If you want to be a better cook, cook something new every day. If you want to be a better soccer player, work on it every day. You get the picture.

2. Remembering my roots.

My grandma was a painter. She mostly painted with watercolours, some of which I have in my art bin. I also use a lot of her old brushes and even some of her paper. Everyone in my family has at least one (or six) grandma originals hanging in their home. My daughter has three of her great grandma’s paintings hanging in her bedroom.

I have vivid memories of my grandma painting – at the cottage, at home, by the river. I remember painting with her or borrowing art supplies to go off on my own and paint things. I don’t think I fully appreciated that connection to my grandma when she was still alive. But throughout this project I find myself thinking of Grandma all the time. I wonder what her version of my subject would look like. What would she think of me selling some of my originals? Would she join me?

It’s been emotional over the past 50 days but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I appreciate that my grandma encouraged my painting and crafting. A lot of my hobbies – and every intention I have for this blog – has it’s roots in my family, especially our matriarch, my grandma. She was a painter, seamstress, builder, cook, and gardener and a lot of that is in me too.

3. Accountability.

Nothing makes you feel accountable quite like putting your intentions publicly on the Internet. There have been days where I feel like giving up. (I did skip a few days of art because I ended up with a horrible stomach virus and didn’t get out of bed for almost 48 hours.) Days have gone by where I’m on my feet all day and 9 pm rolls around and I still have to do a painting and I think to myself, “It wouldn’t kill me to skip today. I could do two tomorrow!” But that kind of thinking is¬†insidious. It starts with one day of being tired and then suddenly you’ve broken your habit and you stop doing what you set out to do because you can justify it with anything. To tired. Too hungry. Too busy.

Setting up this blog, shop, Facebook Page, etc., has forced me to keep it up. I’m still learning and fine-tuning my plans, but at least I’ve started something. And that feels pretty darn good.

Here is a look at the project 50 days in:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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