Custom Paper: Hearts and Letters

A high school friend’s baby shower is this weekend. The baby girl has already arrived so I’m able to customize her wrapping paper with colours and letters. Honestly, the colours could have been anything (boy babies and girl babies are basically blobs who like anything new).

This is a fun project you can do on your own or with kids (just make sure a grown-up helps with the stamp cutting!). From start to finish (not including dry time) this took me less than an hour. Clean up is easy too. Wash your brush and rinse the paint from your potatoes. The potatoes can go into the compost.

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Mega Mushroom Ravioli

This recipe is exactly what it sounds like, oversized mushroom ravioli. Why? I mean, why not?

There are three main components of this recipe: pasta, herbed cheese and mushroom filling, and a quick tomato sauce. The list below is the order in which I prepared my ravioli because when it comes to being in the kitchen, I aim for peak efficiency.

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